1960s Furniture: Guide to Choosing Vintage Furniture, Colors and Details

All the magic of the 60s, with the explosion of design and innovation in industrial design, is ready to relive in homes with a strictly vintage atmosphere. After having had the opportunity to deepen the characteristics of vintage 50s furniture, today we take a step forward to discover, through a very practical guide, everything there is to know about 60s furniture, therefore about the choice of furniture. , of the colors and design details that make this style unique to say the least.

The spread of Pop Art and the spirit of generational renewal become part of the furnishing systems that are radically transformed by adapting to the times full of excitement and sparkling dynamism. In terms of interior design, we are witnessing the explosion of color in its brightest and brightest shades, the affirmation of optical themes in the field of decorations and of course the diffusion of various appliances whose packaging is perfectly functional and closely connected to the feverish atmosphere that can be breathed everywhere.

With classic features, a little retro but at the same time dynamic, the 60s furniture holds a truly timeless charm and, through the use of multiple images, we will analyze in detail the characteristics of this vintage style full of charm and personality.

60s style furniture guide

Guide to furnishing a vintage 60s living room n.01

Our journey into the 60s vintage style furniture starts from the real beating heart of the house, that is the place where family and friends gather: the living room. As you can see here the atmosphere is fresh and sparkling, full of dynamism but at the same time comfortable: if the color of the walls can move from bright shades to classic wood, the furnishings must be full of personality and preferably combined with each other in bright contrasts. chromatic.

The shapes remain rounded, helping to generate a feeling of comfort and well-being, recalling in some ways the almost futurist atmospheres that see the extensive use of skilfully worked plastic and wood.

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A kitchen of the 60s (as well as the kitchens of the 50s that we have already had the opportunity to show you) will have to be halfway between technological innovation and tradition, therefore inevitable will be appliances with multicolored colors and rigorously rounded, an example above all consists of the timeless SMEG refrigerators, and the choice of decorations and details typical of the period. From the proposed shots you can for example notice the particularity of the checkered floors, a real must of the period in question.
Guide to furnishing a vintage 60s kitchen

Smeg refrigerator vintage 60s style

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The 60’s furniture for the bedroom translates into essentiality, elegance and panache: here it is the attention to detail that makes the difference and, in particular, you can for example opt for the inclusion of a design chair from the period and for the decoration through the choice of Pop Art paintings and prints, the fabrics must be colored in a varied way so as to give dynamism to the environment.

Guide to furnishing a vintage 60s bedroom

Vintage 60's style chest of drawers

1960s vintage style sofa

Vintage 60s style furniture

Speaking of vintage 60s furniture, it is not possible to forget to focus attention on real cult objects such as designer chairs, armchairs, sofas and dressers. Here we have chosen to show you some of the most significant and representative objects of the period through which it is possible to analyze the unique and tapered shapes, the extensive use of geometric decorations and the skilful use of a wide range of colors capable of decorating with simplicity and uniqueness.

Vintage 60s style armchair

Vintage 60s style chairs

1960s Vintage Style Home Decor # 01

Vintage 60s Style Home Decor # 02

As we have already mentioned, the 60s saw the heyday of Pop Art, the emergence of a unique artist like Andy Warhol and consequently the spread of a style rich in creativity and markedly youthful traits. . Returning therefore to the theme of decorations and coverings, to be created perhaps with vintage wallpaper, it is not possible to forget the birth of optical art (which then fully developed in the 70s) capable of giving personality and dynamism to any environment.

Vintage 60s Style Home Decor # 03

Vintage 60s Style Home Decor # 04

1960s vintage style home decor