30 Spectacular Design Sofas

Lovers of avant-garde design and a refined furnishing style in every detail cannot help but read this post in one breath: here you will find 30 spectacular models of unique design sofas of their kind.

The selected ones are truly unusual sofa models which, through a multitude of colors, materials and shapes, create furnishing accessories capable of giving character to the environment in which they are placed on their own. But now let’s find out in detail, through photos and descriptions, which are the design sofas we are talking about.

Design sofas

Original design sofa n.01
Bleu Nature

Have you ever thought about bringing nature into your living room? Here is a suggestive version of a design sofa that is inspired by it through the use of old branches and leather.

Original design sofa n.02
Talents Design

Looking closely at what actually seem like simple bubbles go to hide the body of a cow, the legs and hooves take shape and take possession of the structure that fits perfectly into an environment with a refined and eccentric character.

Original design sofa n.03
Miralles Tagliabue

With the name of Botan, this sofa with a decidedly original design is inspired by a peony flower and, as you can easily guess, makes the modular factor its strong point, offering multiple possibilities for renewal.

Original design sofa n.04

Essentially inspired by geometric purity, the sofas you are admiring seem to be halfway between a screen and a seat, effectively preserving multiple functions in some models.

Original design sofa n.05
Venice home design

Among the spectacular sofas with an original design selected for the occasion, the Lool certainly could not be missing, that is a version of a sofa that can be customized and modified whenever desired thanks to backrests, arm supports and movable coffee table.

Original design sofa n.06

A creation that seems to be almost Zen-inspired, the Branch is inspired by the beauty of nature and therefore transforms the feet into branches that see flowering directly in the woven fabric.

Original design sofa n.07
Marvin Reber

Here is a sofa essentially inspired by children and therefore capable of transforming itself into their favorite play tool: this model is composed of several pieces that combined together go to build a ramp, for example.

Original design sofa n.08

Here is a very unique sofa model, with an almost futuristic shape and designed to make the most of gravity when its guests are in complete relaxation.

Original design sofa n.09
Life Space Journey

Completely padded with goose down and upholstered in vintage-style leather, this sofa ensures unique comfort and softness, fitting perfectly into urban-style environments.

Original design sofa n.10

Let’s now move on to show you something decidedly more baroque and refined, with almost Gothic features: made of leather and multiple decorations, it can be combined with different styles of furniture.

Original design sofa n.11
Stone Furniture

Have you ever thought of furnishing your home with stone creations? In addition to boasting an undoubted aesthetic impact, these productions are made to resist over time and the strength of the elements.

Original design sofa n.12

Modular sofas that allow you to match the color of the feet to that of the upholstery: this is the idea behind these creations with soft and rounded contours.

Original design sofa n.13
KNOKKE Carlo Colombo

Composed solely of solid oak wood, this sofa has a truly unique design and is available in the natural version or in various other paints.

Original design sofa n.14
They gave

Multicolored fabrics complete with bows on the various corners cover the individual parts of this modular sofa, absolute in this case is the freedom of design of the shape that can be easily modified.

Original design sofa n.15

Yet another modular and sectional sofa made, however, this time with particular attention to new technologies: in fact, it allows you to recharge electronic devices while on the move, perfect to be inserted in bars, restaurants, and places of common gathering.

Original design sofa n.16

Among the various jewels of avant-garde design, the Gladis sofa could certainly not be missing, which is inspired by a fingerprint obtained directly from the expertly worked upholstery.

Original design sofa n.17

Inspired by the style of the 50s, the modular design sofas shown here fit perfectly into environments with a different style: it is possible to fit into modern contexts, in shabby chic inspired rooms or with a retro character.

Original design sofa n.18

Developing simply on a horizontal and vertical plane, these sofas play on tone-on-tone color combinations, recalling in some ways a style of the past.

Original design sofa n.19
Vidame Creation

Real cubes fit together to form different shapes and seats, here is again a sofa with a refined and particular design that makes the modular factor its strong point.

Original design sofa n.20
Vidame Creation

Finally, we close with a creation that combines a decidedly refined fabric with a supporting structure in stainless steel, truly perfect for any type of environment.

Modern design sofas

Among the most evocative design sofas we want to show you models with a modern and versatile character that perfectly combine comfort and aesthetic refinement.

Sofa with a modern design n.1
Modern design sofa n.2
Baleri Italy
Modern design sofa n.3
Casamania & Horm
Modern design sofa n.4
Modern design sofa n.5
Calia Italy

Famous design sofas

Speaking of design creations, we could not forget to introduce you to real icons in terms of seats and sofas in particular, here are five famous sofas with timeless charm, an example? The timeless Chesterfield sofa …

Flap sofa by Francesco Binfaré

Flap sofa by Francesco Binfaré

Strips sofa by Cini Boeri

Strips sofa by Cini Boeri

LC2 sofa by Le Corbusier

LC2 sofa by Le Corbusier

Bocca sofa by Gufram

Bocca sofa by Gufram

Chester sofa

Chester sofa