500+ Ideas for Modern Kitchens to Inspire You

Discovering ideas and solutions to be inspired by is really of fundamental importance in the design of your home, so today we are going to deal with kitchens and in particular with modern kitchens from the elegant and refined design.

We have selected for hundreds of projects that show different models of kitchens perfect to be placed in open space environments or in smaller spaces. They are therefore linear kitchens, with central island, peninsula or integrated tables capable of showing you multiple practical and at the same time design furnishing solutions. Let’s find out …

Modern kitchens with island

The choice of a kitchen with island, in addition to embracing a markedly modern furnishing trend, offers large work spaces and requires a certain attention in the design phase. If the available spaces are large enough, you can choose to create a very spacious central island, in the presence of small size it is not certain that you will have to give it up but it is good to choose its size and location carefully.

Kitchens with central island

Modern kitchen models with central island

Kitchens with island with open shelves

Kitchens with island with open shelves

Kitchens with Ikea island

Modern kitchen models with Ikea island

Modern corner kitchens

Making the most of the spaces so as to give shape to a large kitchen with a practical design can result in the choice of a corner kitchen. With an extremely versatile character, these projects adapt perfectly to any type of plant, so you can opt for L-shaped, U-shaped or peninsula kitchens.

Corner kitchens

Best corner kitchens brands

L-shaped kitchens

L-shaped kitchens

Kitchens with peninsula

Kitchens with peninsula

U-shaped kitchens

U-shaped kitchens

Modern linear kitchens

Definitely in vogue in small open spaces, modern linear kitchens allow you to have everything you need on a single wall close at hand. Also in this case, these are highly customizable solutions based on the square footage that will be available.

Linear kitchens

Linear kitchens

Kitchens of 3 linear meters

Modern kitchens of 3 linear meters

Kitchens of 2 linear meters

Kitchens of 2 linear meters

Small modern kitchens

Small, very small and yet highly functional kitchens… we want to show you various ingenious solutions with a modern design that will show you how to optimize narrow spaces in the best possible way, starting for example from a correct exploitation of heights.

Small kitchens

Small modern kitchens

Tiny kitchens

Tiny kitchens

Small Ikea kitchen

Small modern Ikea kitchen

Modern masonry kitchens

Modern masonry kitchen ideas

Masonry kitchens have a timeless charm and in their modern version they manage to release character and elegance. Discover a huge collection of project shows that you can copy and customize.

Modern open space kitchens

Open space kitchens

When it comes to open space, one can only think of an environment with a modern character, in this case the kitchen and living area blend perfectly and the choice of a kitchen that turns into a perfect piece of furniture becomes crucial from one point of view. aesthetic point of view.

Modern design kitchens

Design kitchens

We now want to turn our gaze to the real triumph of modern design by showing you various furnishing solutions signed by some of the most successful internationally renowned companies.

Modern white kitchens

Now we come to the choice of color for your modern kitchen and we begin to focus attention on a timeless shade: white. Through the presentation of various projects we want to show you how to perfectly design a white kitchen giving it personality.

White kitchens

Modern white kitchens

White kitchens from the best brands

Modern white kitchens from the best brands

Modern white and wood kitchens

White and wood kitchens

A trend that recalls Nordic design and that gives a feeling of warmth and well-being inside the home: we are talking about the encounter between white and wood that in the kitchen remains a timeless and decidedly trendy must.

Modern wooden kitchens

Wood kitchens

A highly appreciated natural material with a great aesthetic impact, wood is perfect to characterize a modern kitchen, discover the countless finishes and shades that you can choose.

Modern colorful kitchens

Colored kitchens

An explosion of colors and good man … if you want a modern and lively cuisine, here you will surely find the perfect source of inspiration …

Modern gray kitchens

Gray kitchens

Among the trendiest and most popular colors in interior design, gray is perfect for characterizing the kitchen environment. If you are thinking of choosing this shade, let yourself be inspired by these fantastic projects.

Modern black kitchens

Black designer kitchens

A challenging shade, particularly suitable for large and bright environments, but very trendy: we are talking about the black that remains very popular for modern kitchens.

Modern and elegant kitchens

Modern kitchen n.01

Let’s start by showing you two suggestive models of very elegant modern kitchens that offer the perfect combination of wooden elements and white coatings. The clean and sophisticated lines make up the kitchens which, in addition to the undoubted aesthetic impact, offer an undisputed practicality.

Modern kitchen n.02

Modern kitchen n.03

Inspired by the design they scanned, here instead are kitchens that prefer the use of white in its essence and then play on particular color contrasts given by the choice of details and furnishing accessories.

Modern kitchen n.04

Modern kitchen n.05

Modern kitchen no.06

Modern kitchen n.07

Modern kitchen no.08

The choice of a kitchen varies according to the spaces available, but the most modern and sophisticated models develop truly ingenious solutions to make the most of every single centimeter without having to sacrifice the aesthetic factor.

Modern kitchen n.09

Modern kitchen n.10

Modern kitchen n.11

In our collection of modern kitchens to inspire you could certainly not miss a suggestive model with a curvilinear shape that almost blends into the open space environment in which it is placed.

Modern kitchen n.12

Modern kitchen n.13

If you do not have a large kitchen space, you can always opt for particular furniture or architectural choices that will help broaden the environmental perception: choose a ceiling with a view or insert glass dividing elements.

Modern kitchen # 14

Modern kitchen # 15

Of fundamental importance in a kitchen are the work spaces and, as you can see from the photos proposed here, the modern and essential lines contribute to the definition of large islands or peninsulas.

Modern kitchen # 16

Modern kitchen # 17

Modern kitchens also include the use of innovative and refined materials, you can in fact notice the tempered glass shelves with a smoky effect on a white background or, on the contrary, the total black inspired by slate.

Modern kitchen # 18

Modern kitchen # 19

Modern kitchen n.20