Blue Bathroom: 20 Original Ideas for Coverings and Furniture

A shade with a fresh and lively character, capable of instilling peace and perfect for reproducing the evocative shades of water … we are of course talking about blue to go in particular to focus on the design of a dream bathroom starting from the choice of tiles and coverings up to that of furniture and combinations.

Capable of never going out of fashion, rather of always remaining current by embracing different styles of furniture, theblue in the bathroom it creates an environment with a refined character, it is easily combined with other colors and can be used to focus attention on specific details. For example, you can choose blue tiles for the shower enclosure, for one or two walls only and have fun customizing everything through color contrasts and decorative elements.

Let’s go then to discover our collection of original ideas for upholstery and furniture which you can inspire to design the blue bathroom of your dreams.

20 ideas for a blue bathroom

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Fap Ceramiche

Indicated according to the dictates of chromotherapy for the bedroom and the bathroom, blue is a color capable of energizing and relaxing the mind at the same time. In the bathroom you can choose to use it in different shades ranging from the most subtle to the most intense, almost capable of embracing some shades of blue.

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Fap Ceramiche
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Ceramica Sant’Agostino
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Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Being a very delicate color with an almost neutral essence, blue is easily combined with different colors showing all its versatility. In terms of perfect combinations for a blue bathroom we find the timeless one with white, the elegant encounter with gray, dove gray or beige. As for the choice of materials instead of a blue ceramic tile, perhaps you can combine natural wood elements with great simplicity.

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Furnishing a blue bathroom will mean not only devoting oneself to the choice of tiles and coverings but also to that of furniture and accessories capable of giving character to the environment. You can choose to opt for tone on tone, then blue furniture and even bathroom fixtures in the same color, or you can play on contrasts using classic white or black or gray.

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If you think that the choice of blue as the protagonist color of your bathroom may prove to be in some ways taken for granted, consider the many decorative possibilities offered by modern coatings. You can choose between mosaic, relief or very particular striped workings capable of giving dynamism and completely new perspectives.

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