Furniture Trends 2021: Vintage and Industrial Style in Vogue

The 2021 takes us through a real dive into the past in the field of furnishing trends and, in fact, it style in vogue for this year is the perfect mix between vintage and industrial. It is a very particular encounter that partially smooths out the rigid component of the industrial style and makes it a little more chic through the encounter with markedly retro elements, objects and decorations.

It is therefore a trend that embraces the philosophy of reuse and recovery, gives new life to objects and processes without forgetting the contemporary and technological component. But let’s find out in detail what it is and what are the guidelines to follow to achieve a perfect retro furniture with an industrial touch.

Trendy vintage and industrial furniture for 2021

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.01

As we have already had the opportunity to mention, the meeting between vintage and industrial style is as simple as it is elaborated in the perfect dosage of the individual elements that must never prevail over each other in a clear way.

The trend idea for 2021 is to create warm and welcoming retro-style environments where you can find contact with the past and still experience a present made of home automation and technology.

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.02

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.03

The mix between industrial and vintage style will take shape through the careful design of the individual environments: the elements that seem to come directly from old factories, such as shelves and plumbing pipes, will go alongside leather or velvet sofas as well as furnishing elements. recovery that you can find perhaps in dusty attics or antique markets.

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.04

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.05

The recovered elements are among the protagonists of the 2021 furnishing trends, starting also with the recovery of real structures transformed into lofts or wide-ranging environments. Exposed bricks and the use of natural elements, wood in the first place, are perfect for creating atmospheres with a markedly retro character.

Vintage industrial furniture ideas in vogue for 2018 n.06

Objects and furnishing accessories in vintage and industrial style

Vintage chair

Creating an impeccable retro style of furniture from every point of view will mean carefully choosing all the details and furnishing accessories capable of giving character and personality to any type of environment. For the perfect meeting between vintage and industrial you cannot for example give up a Butterfly chair, a true icon of 1950s design, industrial chandeliers, refined and particular floor lamps as well as vintage wall clocks.

Industrial style chandelier for a retro home

Retro style lamp

Vintage wall clock

Wallpaper for a retro style

Vintage wallpaper

Definitely in vogue for 2021 is the use of vintage or retro wallpaper capable of creating truly magical and surprising atmospheres with minimal effort. You can choose from a huge range of decorations that, thanks to perfect three-dimensional effects, will literally come to life before your eyes.

Industrial retro wallpaper