How to Furnish a Beach House

Are you wondering how it is possible to furnish the house by the sea in an economic way while making it welcoming, functional and captivating at the same time? Here you will find the answer to these and many other questions …

After having shown you how to furnish a beach house in perfect marine style, certainly without spared any expense, we are now going to introduce you ingenious and original solutions for furnish a house by the sea on a budget, without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

The password is certainly creativity and, with the right advice, you will discover how it is possible to furnish different environments in an impeccable way by spending as little as possible.

Economic solutions:

Wall colors

Cheap white walls for the beach house

The choice of colors will be the first step to take in the interior design of a beach house. Among the different colors for walls that you can consider, we advise you to focus on white.

Neutral par excellence, the White has the merit not only of giving brightness and increasing the volume of perceived spaces, but it is above all the color that costs less. You can paint all the rooms of the house white without fear of making a mistake and then insert dynamism through the choice of furnishings and accessories.

Cheap Ikea furnishings for the beach house

How to furnish a beach house with Ikea on a budget

All the furniture items you will need to furnish your home in an economic way can be found at Ikea. Here you can choose between different styles and very practical solutions that, with the addition of a little inventiveness, will allow you to define the different environments with a very minimal expense.

When furnishing an Ikea beach house you can have fun combining natural wood elements with white or blue finishes for a perfect marine touch.

Cheap stay for the beach house

Let’s now focus on the different rooms of the house starting from the living room. If you intend to spend little, indeed as little as possible, our advice is to do it yourself.

For example, you can create DIY coffee tables for the living room, perhaps using pallets, trunks recovered near the beach or recycled wood.

DIY coffee table for beach house
DIY coffee table for cheap beach house

In the same way, you can create sofas in pallets or opt for the purchase of a very useful sofa bed in case you need a few more beds.

Sofa with pallets for the beach house

Modular economic kitchen

Basically, the kitchen of a beach house is not used very much, in fact we often find ourselves dining out or having something light for lunch, such as a salad. This is why this environment must be functional but without particular excesses, especially if you are looking for economic solutions.

One idea may be to opt for low cost modular kitchens but capable of making available everything that is needed. If you want to take it even further, you can choose to buy a induction or portable electric hob to be combined with a sink, shelves and some storage units.

Economic kitchen for the beach house
Small and economical kitchen for the beach house
Modular kitchen for the beach house

Budget bedroom for beach house

Here we are in the sleeping area, in the bedroom of a beach house that will not need any particular frills. To a comfortable bed you can combine open wardrobes without doors to be easily made at very low costs.

Budget bed for the beach house
Ikea beach house bed
DIY headboard for a beach house

As for the bed, buy only the bed base and the mattress and have fun creating a do-it-yourself headboard to combine with original do-it-yourself bedside tables, perhaps in a suspended version, using recycled materials.

DIY bedside tables for a beach house

Cheap beach house decorations

To give personality and dynamism to your beach house it will be necessary to insert accessories and decorations that can be marine-themed or inspired by any style you want.

Also in this case, rely on creative recycling and you will be able to give shape to original and decidedly economic objects. For example, you can create lamps, candle holders, frames, hangers and much more using the classic smooth wood that can be found on the beaches after a storm, you can use shells, wood and any other material you have at hand.

DIY coat rack for the beach house
DIY lamp for the beach house 03
DIY lamp for the beach house 02
DIY lamp for the beach house 03
DIY candle holder for the beach house 01
DIY candle holder for the beach house 02
DIY candle holder for beach house 03

Economic outdoor furniture

The outdoor spaces of a house by the sea are destined to become the most popular environments of the entire housing corpus and, precisely for this reason, it is essential to make them welcoming.

Achieving this goal by spending little is really very simple: install a hammock, also made for this space of sessions with pallets, both sofas and armchairs, or simply use gods soft pillows to create a space dedicated to relaxation.

Outdoor furniture of a beach house with hammock
Economic outdoor furniture for beach house
DIY pallet sofa for the beach house