Japandi Style Furniture Guide

Love for nature, for simplicity and minimalism… this is how we could describe the japandi style, a very particular furnishing trend that is literally conquering interior designers all over the world.

But what is the japandi style? It’s about a fusion of Japanese style and Scandinavian style, two trends that despite having taken shape in very distant and different countries have a lot in common, starting with the attention to sustainability.

The japandi style is aimed at creating environments that are as relaxing and welcoming as possible, devoid of unnecessary frills but not of personality. Are you curious to know more? Read on to discover all the characteristics of a Japanese house starting from the choice of materials to that of colors and an impeccable interior design.

Japanese materials

As you have surely already guessed, love and respect for nature are the basis of the Japandi spirit. The preference is therefore clearly for natural materials such as wood which must preferably be worked by craftsmen who, with manual skill and skill, will be able to enhance its characteristics.

Perfectly in line with modern trends, this style of furniture is minimal without being cold, indeed it manages to restore an enveloping personality in the elegance of the essence. Handcrafted furniture and natural materials will create healthy living spaces capable of guaranteeing a good dose of psycho-physical well-being. To complete and decorate the rooms, indoor plants of all kinds and sorts cannot be missing, a living element to take care of in order to regain contact with nature even inside an apartment.

Japanese colors and combinations

Palette japandi

Elegant and enveloping, the japandi colors represent the perfect hybrid between Scandinavian and Japanese: the natural essences and neutrals par excellence are combined with soft pastel notes, all shades aimed at promoting relaxation and regeneration. You can combine the tones of the earth with the purity of white and, to create small contrasts, you can add a touch of sky or grass.

The choice of colors plays a very important role in the interior design phase and, depending on the type of environment, you can opt for the inclusion of a more or less relaxing touch.

Japandi-style furniture

Japandi furniture is based on the search for functionality, an environment that wants to embrace this style must in fact have very specific characteristics: order and simplicity are the bases from which to start, a few essential furniture with clean lines will be placed in order to guarantee their practical function, warmth and dynamism will instead be guaranteed by the choice of materials, for example light or dark woods to be combined to create refined contrasts, objects and decorative accessories must be inserted sparingly without going to excessively saturate the space. The goal is to give shape to places where harmony reigns, where you can relax as if wrapped in a warm embrace.

Elements of furniture japandi n.01

Japanese furniture elements n.02

Elements of furniture japandi n.03

Japanese furniture elements n.04

Japanese furniture elements n.05

Japandi furniture elements n.06

Japandi style house

To better understand how to furnish a home in a Japanese style in an impeccable way, we are going to show you several projects which you can inspire yourself to give shape to the house of your dreams. From the living room to the kitchen, passing through the bedroom and bathroom, we begin our journey to discover the Japanese style.

House with japandi furniture n.01

House with japandi furniture no.02

House with japandi furniture no.03

House with japandi furniture no.04

House with japandi furniture n.05

House with japandi furniture no.06

House with japandi furniture n.07

House with japandi furniture no.08

House with japandi furniture n.09

House with japandi furniture no.10

House with japandi furniture no 11

House with japandi furniture no 12

House with japandi furniture no.13

House with japandi furniture no.14

House with japandi furniture no.15

House with japandi furniture no.16

House with japandi furniture no.17

House with japandi furniture no 18

House with japandi furniture no.19

House with japandi furniture no.20

House with japandi furniture no.21

House with japandi furniture no.22

House with japandi furniture no 23