Kitchen-Living Room Dividing Wall: 20 Original Solutions

When you think of creating a sort of ideal separation within an open space environment, and in particular between the kitchen and the living room, the first solution that becomes apparent is to opt for a partition wall to be built in brick or plasterboard. in a decidedly linear way. Of course it can be fine too, but we are here to suggest you different and original design solutions that will allow you to see the kitchen-living room dividing wall from a completely different perspective.

With a touch of imagination and the analysis of some design projects we will reveal how to create a living area with integrated kitchen in a very simple way but with results in terms of decidedly priceless aesthetics.

Classic kitchen-living room partition wall

Let’s start by showing you some projects that include what we could define as the most classic of solutions, namely a medium-height partition wall that simply acts as a separator. You can choose to create it in the peninsula version, therefore starting from one of the two walls, or insert it in a central position thus leaving a passage corridor on both the right and left side.

Kitchen-living room dividing wall with peninsula

If you want to be inspired by more modern and sophisticated solutions, you can create your own dividing wall between the kitchen and living room with the kitchen itself. Most of the contemporary kitchen models, in their multiple modular options, allow you to create perfect peninsulas or islands to create a sort of ideal separation between the kitchen area and the living area. It is a very practical solution that will also allow you to make the most of the spaces since you will not have to insert plasterboard walls or the like but you can use the kitchen elements directly.

Kitchen-living room partition wall with integrated table

Another decidedly suggestive design solution is the one that sees the creation of a small portion of the wall (perhaps also usable as a recessed element) to which an integrated table can be placed side by side, ideal not only for breakfast but also for lunches or dinners. This option will allow you to create a practical dining area even inside a not very spacious environment without sacrificing aesthetics and refinement.

Pillar kitchen-living room partition wall

When it comes to dividing walls, of course, one cannot forget to shift attention to the possible presence of pillars, structural elements that can be enhanced and indeed also intended for a function of separation between the rooms. When designing the interiors, always keep in mind the potential of the latter and organize the different areas making sure that the pillars create evocative games of sight-seeing.

Kitchen-living room partition wall with fireplace

If creating a simple dividing wall between kitchen and living room seems too banal, you may find our advice to opt for a fireplace with a dividing function interesting. Perfect to be inserted in large open space environments but also in more intimate spaces where they will create magical atmospheres, the fireplaces will make this environment nothing short of suggestive.