Office Feng Shui: How to Furnish a Perfect Work Environment

Creating a work environment that is harmonious, productive and full of positive energy as much as possible is certainly what we all aspire to. In this situation, the Feng Shui doctrine comes to our aid which, through simple rules and practical advice, can help improve the quality of working life.

Many spend most of their day in the office, about 8 hours during which to perform their duties at their best, foster creativity and interpersonal relationships … if you are wondering how to create a perfect Feng Shui office, able to channel the energies in the best way, here you will find a practical guide on what to do.

We will analyze the different aspects to be taken into consideration within a Feng Shui office starting from its location and direction, and then move on to the choice of furnishings, colors as well as that of practical or purely decorative objects.

The Feng Shui position for the office

Just like any other environment, the office is also located in a well-defined area according to the Feng Shui doctrine. In particular this will have to go to occupy the position southeast which corresponds to that of the wealth he was born in success, the characterizing element is the wood which can therefore be widely used in the choice of furnishings and accessories.

If it is really not possible to place the office in a south-eastern position, by consulting the Bagua map, you can orient yourself towards the inclusion of elements capable of feeding the energies that usually flow in this direction.

The placement of the desk

Where to place the desk in the office according to Feng Shui

The central element around which the entire design of a perfect office revolves is the desk. Its location must ensure a perfect view of the entire environment and at the same time convey importance: the ideal is to always have your back protected by a wall or a dividing element while your gaze must easily settle towards the door or the window so as to have the entire space under control.

The choice of the shape of the desk is not at all casual: if you want to favor analytical skills it is preferable to opt for a classic linear and squared model, if instead you want to prefer communication and the exchange of ideas you will need to focus on curved, oval or round models. .

The colors of a Feng Shui office

What Colors to Choose in a Feng Shui Office

The control of energy flows naturally also passes through the choice of color which, in the case of a particular office, will serve to convey moods, promote concentration and pursue the set objectives. Taking into account the south-east position, the Feng Shui colors to be preferred will be those associated with the wood element, then the green in its innumerable shades, brown, up to the warmer shades of fire or colder than water. Keep in mind that each color assumes and conveys well-defined energies, therefore analyze the spaces and carefully choose the shades that best suit your needs.

The importance of order

The order in a Feng Shui office

One of the essential factors for the success of a Feng Shui office is to make sure that order reigns supreme in it. A workstation free of chaos, perfectly organized shelves and archives will mean moving within a work environment where everything is easily at hand and positive energies are channeled in the right direction.


Placement and choice of objects in a Feng Shui office

Always keeping in mind that order is a fundamental factor in an office, we will now take a look at the choice of objects and accessories that can help create perfect energy flows. The part of the desk in front of the seat should remain free, so as to favor the concentration and circulation of positive energy; computers, telephones, notepads and agendas should preferably be inserted on both sides: in particular, the tools relating to the relationship sector go to the right, while to the left what concerns the interaction with customers and colleagues.

Plants in a Feng Shui office

How to use plants in a Feng Shui office

Inserting a natural living element in the office is an excellent expedient to make the environment more relaxed and welcoming. The plants lend themselves perfectly to this purpose and, depending on the space available, you can choose a desk plant or to be placed on the ground. Our advice is to opt for plants that, in addition to showing themselves in all their beauty, also perform the function of purifying the environment from pollutants and harmful substances.

What to avoid according to Feng Shui in the office

To prevent the circulation of negative energies inside the office, avoid clutter, choose simple furniture elements and make sure that the desk is not located near transit areas. Also pay attention to electromagnetism and the fields generated by it, trying to keep at least 50 cm away, for example, a minibar or battery charger.