Round Bathtub: here are 20 Models in Different Materials

With shapes and sizes that are unique and customizable to say the least, the bathtubs are transformed into a real design element and, after having shown you irregularly shaped bathtubs and square bathtubs, we are now going to offer you an unmissable gallery of round models with charm without time.

The round bathtubs they recall the vintage atmospheres of past decades and are reinvented in a decidedly modern key that makes them refined and elegant furnishing elements. For the occasion we wanted to select well 20 models as simple as sophisticated, made with the use of different materials and designed for versions countertop or built-in.

Under each image you will find specified the name of the manufacturer and that of the model, for any information or any estimates you can then contact the production companies directly.

20 models of round bathtubs

Round bathtub model no.01
Graff Europe West bathtub model Dressage

Curvilinear geometries that invite you to relax and fit easily into environments with different styles … whether you have opted for a classic or modern style of furniture, a round bathtub can become the central element of the room, especially if it is positioned in a central area so as to further enhance the design.

Round bathtub model no.02
Inbani bathtub Origin model
Round bathtub model no.03
Blue Provence bathtub, Circle model
Round bathtub model no.04
Rifra Circle model bathtub
Round bathtub model no.05
Flaminia bathtub Fontana model
Round bathtub model no.06
Hoesch bathtub model Aviva

Just like the different models of bathtubs that we have already had the opportunity to show you, the round ones are also proposed in the countertop version, therefore preferring a sort of free installation, rather than in the built-in version. In the latter case, what we recommend is to position the tub near a window and to create a sort of platform for the installation that slightly raises the structure from the main level.

Round bathtub model no.07
Hoesch bathtub Dreamscape model
Round bathtub model no.08
Hoesch round bathtub
Round bathtub model no.09
Hoesch built-in round bathtub
Round bathtub model # 10
Hoesch Orlando model bathtub
Round bathtub model # 11
Colacril bathtub model Atmosfere Tonda
Round bathtub model no.12
Treesse bathtub Dream 160 model
Round bathtub model no.13
Treesse bathtub Dream 160 model

Speaking of materials, in addition to classic ceramics and various composites, you can choose models of round bathtubs in worked stone. If you are designing a luxury bathroom where you can combine refinement, comfort and value, you certainly cannot remain immune to the charm of these traditional as well as innovative models.

Round bathtub model # 14
Sign bathtub model Gral
Round bathtub model # 15
Bathtub Sign Burlesque model
Round bathtub model no.16
StilBain bathtub Ronde model
Round bathtub model no.17
StilBain bathtub Cocon model
Round bathtub model # 18
Michor bathtub model COIBA V1

If, on the other hand, you love the warm shades of wood, its natural veins and the evocative atmospheres it creates, you can opt for suggestive models of wooden tubs that will transform your bathroom into a SPA.

Round bathtub model # 19
Michor bathtub COIBA model
Round bathtub model # 20
Ammonitum bathtub model Egoist Bath