Scandinavian Furniture: Many Ideas for a Nordic Style Home

Bright environments, a wide use of wood and natural fabrics without forgetting a clear predominance of white … we are of course talking about the characteristics ofScandinavian decor which, thanks to simplicity, elegance and a feeling of homely warmth, is increasingly popular and appreciated especially in Italy.

So here we are ready to suggest you many design ideas for furnish a home in perfect Nordic style going to focus from time to time on the various environments and their relative characteristics, in particular we will analyze:

If you are designing the house of your dreams and you want it to be characterized by Scandinavian furniture, you will probably find this small guide useful that will provide you with many ideas for a house capable of restoring the charm and charm of the great north.

Living room with Scandinavian furniture

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.01

Just a few days ago we had the opportunity to show you in detail how to furnish a Scandinavian-style living room, we will go here to expand the photographic proposal by showing you further combinations of furnishings and fabrics that meet tastes ranging from ultra modern to classic. To say the least elegant and capable of preserving a timeless charm, for example, the walls with exposed bricks appear which, right inside the living room, can be decorated with grace and simplicity.

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.02

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.03

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.04

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.05

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.06

If white remains the main color of Scandinavian design, you can of course choose to combine it with different color shades ranging from gray to black through warm shades and as natural as possible. Don’t forget to equip your living room with soft carpets and fabrics capable of creating a perfect home atmosphere full of warmth and well-being.

Nordic style furnished living room n.07

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.08

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.09

Living room furnished in Nordic style n.10

Kitchen with Scandinavian decor

Kitchen furnished in Nordic style n.01

Let’s go now to discover a photographic selection of kitchens in perfect Nordic style, in this case the choice of white and wood is almost obligatory and shelves and open shelves are much appreciated where you can store jars or aromatic plants in view. If you want to further explore the furnishing characteristics of a kitchen of this kind, we recommend that you take a look at our post dedicated to different models of white Scandinavian-style kitchens.

Nordic style furnished kitchen n.02

Nordic style kitchen n.03

Kitchen furnished in Nordic style n.04

Kitchen furnished in Nordic style n.05

Bedroom with Scandinavian furniture

Bedroom furnished in Nordic style n.01

Let’s move now to the bedroom to discover how recycled elements made of natural wood characterize this environment according to the dictates of Scandinavian design. Also in this case it will be necessary to opt for a predominance of white, a neutral shade that also allows a perfect rest, without forgetting rugs, large cushions and perhaps comfortable poufs to decorate the room.

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.02

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.03

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.04

Bedroom furnished in Nordic style n.05

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.06

The floor of a Scandinavian bedroom should preferably be parquet and we recommend that you also place the mattress on a support or structure made entirely of wood, perhaps also using recycled elements such as pallets.

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.07

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.08

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.09

Nordic style furnished bedroom n.10

Bathroom with Scandinavian decor

Bathroom furnished in Nordic style n.01

Finally, here you come to the bathroom which must be functional, essential and also in this case characterized by the presence of wooden elements. You can choose between shelves in beech or birch to match, for example, baskets and containers of the same shade. For complete relaxation it is also recommended to include a large bathtub and, if you have the space, even a small sauna in perfect Finnish style.

Nordic style bathroom n.02

Nordic style bathroom n.03

Nordic style bathroom n.04

Nordic style bathroom n.05